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Sell Faster and for More Money

Realtors Gain from a Partnership

MyHome Protection home service contracts are specially designed to support real estate professionals. Our coverage plans protect sellers from having to deal with and pay for unexpected system and appliance breakdowns during this trying time, and they also increase the buyer’s confidence when purchasing a home.

Our plans provide buyers with a worry-free home purchasing experience. Our various coverage options offer your clients a variety of protection levels along with peace of mind when purchasing a new home. Buyers are more willing to purchase when they know that an after-sale system or appliance breakdown will be covered by our network of local expert technicians and a customer service-oriented team that strives to provide the highest quality of service.

Overall, a home service contract maximizes the value and sales price of the home as well as the buyer’s confidence, allowing you to close deals faster, sell more and increase your commissions. Encouraging your sellers to purchase one of our plans is beneficial for the seller and the buyer as well as for you. Talk about a win-win-win situation!

Our Various Coverage Options

We offer three plans that vary by level of coverage and cost so purchasers can find the right one for their unique needs and budget.

Regardless of which plan is chosen, every policy covers the costs of parts, labor and taxes when a repair is needed.

  1. Silver Plan: This is our most basic and least expensive plan.
  2. Gold Plan: This plan includes everything in the Silver Plan plus additional coverages.
  3. Platinum Plan: This is our most complete, and costly, plan. It includes everything in the Silver and Gold plans as well as additional coverages.

For a side-by-side comparison of the three plans, please click here.