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Protect Your Home and Your Budget

We provide home service contracts directly to consumers across the country. We are dedicated to saving you money for the costs associated with owning your home. MyHome Protection offers top-rated service and helps homeowners like you save thousands of dollars in unexpected home system and appliance repairs.

Our home service contracts are among the most comprehensive in the industry. With our range of coverage plans and optional coverages, MyHome Protection offers personalized protection, ensuring that you get the exact coverage your home needs. We are committed to providing great service and value to our satisfied customers.

Choose MyHome for Your Home

Don’t you hate getting hit with unforeseen and expensive household repairs? MyHome Protection offers an affordable solution to the problem of unexpected breakdowns of home equipment and appliances — and the costly repair bills that can break your budget.

Are you ready to save thousands of dollars? Would you like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that mechanical and electrical repairs are covered? To learn more about our various plans and 30-day, money-back guarantee, reach out to us today.