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About Home Service Contracts

When you own a home, the question is not if something will go wrong — because it will — but when it will go wrong. Appliances break down. Plumbing repairs are expensive. Furnaces fail. And when these things happen, will you have the money on hand to pay for the repair or replacement? Wouldn’t budgeting for breakdowns on a regular basis make more sense, instead of breaking the budget with an untimely repair?

A home service contract covers expenses not covered by your home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance protects against damages caused by disaster, catastrophic accidents and severe weather events. Home service contracts, on the other hand, protect you financially from repairs to electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems as well as appliances due to wear and tear or simple breakdowns. Of course, having both types of coverage for peace of mind is always a good idea.

Homeowners purchase our service contracts on an annual, renewable basis; we offer multi-year discounts for those who prefer to plan ahead. Don’t worry about “overbuying”: If you decide to sell your home, you can transfer the unused portion of your contract to the buyer. 

Our Various Coverage Options

MyHome Protection offers Silver, Gold and Platinum plans to meet your needs and budget. The Silver Plan is our most basic plan; the Gold Plan includes the everything  provided in the Silver Plan as well as extra coverages; and the Platinum Plan includes everything in the Silver and Gold plans plus additional coverages. As to be expected, prices go up as the coverage increases.

For a side-by-side comparison of the three plans, please click here.