File a Claim

Request Service for Covered Items

Filing a Claim Is Easy

A covered system or appliance has broken down. What procedure should you follow to make a claim and get your repair made?

  1. You stay safe. If your problem is gas- or water-related, before contacting us be sure to protect your family and home by locating the main service valves and shutting them off.
  2. You request service. Contact our Claims Department at 1-888-266-6160 to file your claim and schedule service.
  3. We create an action plan. Our service technician diagnoses the problem and provides us with the details. If the repair is eligible for coverage*, we determine how to proceed (i.e., repair, replacement or a claim buyout).
  4. We complete the repair or replacement. The service technician repairs or replaces your system or appliance in accordance with your plan.
  5. We pay 100% of the covered costs for repair. Upon completion of the repair, we pay the entirety of the covered costs after any applicable deductibles.

* Please review your contract carefully for limitations and exclusions.