Platinum Plan Coverage

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Platinum Plan Coverage 

All coverages listed in the Silver and Gold Plan Coverages plus:

Garage Door Opener

COVERED: All mechanical and electrical components including chain, belts, door arm, trolley, control board, motor, gear assembly and sensors.

NOT COVERED: Cables, springs, handles, wheels, wheel track, track assembly, doors, hinges, remote transmitters, frequency interference, lights or exterior mounted keypads.

Ceiling Fans

COVERED: Repair or replacement of components and parts that malfunction due to normal wear and tear (replaced with builder’s standard).

NOT COVERED: Light kits and remote transmitters, attic, bathroom and/or whole house exhaust fans, light bulbs, noise, remote controls, out-of-balance/damaged fan blades, wall fans and removable accessories.

Doorbell System

COVERED: All components and parts, except as noted as Not Covered.

NOT COVERED: Any audio/video surveillance systems, intercom systems, batteries, smart doorbell or computer/monitors working in conjunction with the doorbell system.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

COVERED: All internal related electrical parts, including belts, fan motors, motors, switches, relays and control boards.

NOT COVERED: Rooftop exhaust units, filters, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents and chipping.

Interior Electrical System

COVERED: All interior AC wiring including receptacles, switches, fuses and circuit breakers.

NOT COVERED: Fixtures, attic or whole house exhaust fans, doorbells, intercom systems, alarm systems, central vacuum systems, audio/video/computer wiring or cable, direct current (DC) wiring and systems, exterior wiring and components, telephone wiring, inadequate wiring capacity, power failure/shortage or surge, low voltage systems (including wiring and relays), load control devices, electrical generation systems, solar electrical systems, timers, touch pad assemblies, remote controls or failure caused by circuit overload.

Interior Plumbing System

COVERED: All interior plumbing including angle stops, risers, waste vents, p-traps assemblies and interior hose bibs.

NOT COVERED: Fixtures or stoppages, all piping and plumbing outside of the perimeter of the foundation or below the foundation of the home, bathtubs, gas lines, caulking or grouting, toilets and toilet parts, holding and pressure tanks, jet pumps, laundry tubs, lawn sprinkler systems, pressure regulating devices, conditions of excessive or insufficient water pressure, exterior hose bibs or water supply lines to the refrigerator.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any repair work that must be executed to access interior lines or pipes.

Whole House, Exhaust and Attic Fans (Built-In)

COVERED: Repair or replacement of components and parts that malfunction due to normal wear and tear (replaced with builder’s standard).

NOT COVERED: Exhaust fans used for radon, heating or lighting components.

NOTE: We will pay up to $500 per Contract term for access, diagnosis, repair or replacement of a covered whole house, exhaust and attic fan, including returning access openings to a rough finish.

Programmable Thermostat

COVERED: Electronic, smart or programmable thermostat that works in conjunction with a covered heating system or air conditioning/cooler or built- in wall unit.

NOT COVERED: All other.

Optional Coverage

Optional coverage applies only if it is selected at the time of purchase:

Central Vacuum System

COVERED: Repair or replacement of components and parts that malfunction due to normal wear and tear of a single primary unit as follows: motor and drive train.

NOT COVERED: Accessories or hoses, removable attachments, clogged pipes and maintenance-related breakdowns.

NOTE: We are not responsible for the cost of gaining access to or closing access from the floor or walls either to locate the cause of malfunction or to effect repair or replacement.

Septic System

COVERED: Sewage ejector pump, jet pump, aerobic pump, septic tank and line from house.

NOT COVERED: Leach lines, field lines, lateral lines, tile fields and leach beds, insufficient capacity cleanout and pumping.

Water Leaks

COVERED: Repair of leaks and breaks in water lines, toilet flanges, waste lines, drain lines or vent lines within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home.

NOT COVERED: All piping and plumbing outside of the perimeter of the foundation or below the lowest floor of the home (under the foundation or in a crawl space), water supply lines to the refrigerator, sprinkler system, any damage caused by freezing, roots or a foreign object, collapse of water, waste, drain or vent lines, polybutylene plumbing, improper installation or repair or unworkmanlike plumbing, repair and finish of any walls, floors or ceilings where breaking through to effect repairs or diagnosis is necessary. 

NOTE: We are not responsible for trim, texture, paint, wallpaper, tile, carpet or the like, or any subsequent damage caused by a water leak.

Freestanding Freezer

COVERED: Mechanical parts and components affecting the proper operation of one freestanding freezer, covered mechanical parts and components include only the following: belts, compressor, condensers, control timers, defrost heaters, electronic components, evaporators, fan motors, hoses, internal wiring, motors, power cords, pumps, pulleys, ram assembly, switches and relays, solid state control boards and thermostats.

NOT COVERED: Ice and beverage dispensers, buckets, commercial units, drawers, door seals, drip pans, filters and screens, food spoilage, ice maker, interior lining, internal shelves, doors, knobs and handles.

Freestanding Additional Refrigerator

COVERED: Repair or replacement of components and parts that malfunction due to normal wear and tear, for one freestanding additional refrigerator.

NOT COVERED: Racks, shelves, drawers, ice makers, ice crushers, beverage/water dispensers and their respective equipment and water lines, interior thermal shells, door hinges, springs, gaskets, seals, food spoilage or spillage, light bulbs (including LED), freestanding freezer, freezers that are not an integral part of the refrigerator, removable accessories, wine coolers/chillers, noise, multimedia center, non-functioning parts, latch assemblies and cosmetic damages.

Swimming Pool/Spa

COVERED: Above-ground, accessible working components and parts of the heating, pumping and filtration system as follows: heater, pump, motor, filter timer, blower, timer, valves, limited to back flush, actuator, check and 2- and 3-way valves, multiport control valves, relays and switches, pool sweep motor and pump, above-ground plumbing pipes and wiring.

 NOT COVERED: Portable or above-ground pools/spas, control panels and electronic boards, lights, liners, filter, gaskets, maintenance, structural defects, solar equipment, jets, ornamental fountains, waterfalls and their pumping systems, pool cover and related equipment, fill line and fill valve, built-in or detachable cleaning equipment such as — but not limited to — pool sweeps and pop-up heads, turbo valves, skimmers, chlorinators and ionizers, fuel storage tanks, disposable filtration mediums, cracked or corroded casings, grids, cartridges, heat pump and salt water systems.

Well Pump

COVERED: All components and parts of a well pump utilized for main dwelling only.

NOT COVERED: Holding or storage tanks, digging, locating pump, pump retrieval, re-drilling of wells, well casings, pressure tanks, pressure switches and gauges, check valve, relief valve, drop pipe, piping or electrical lines leading to or connecting pressure tank and main dwelling including wiring from control box to the pump, booster pumps, well pump and well pump components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps.

Additional Air Conditioning Unit (including Heat Pumps)

Coverage provided by this option is in addition to the primary air conditioning unit coverage offered under this Agreement. The underlining coverage for a primary air conditioning unit must also be purchased to receive coverage.

COVERED: Refrigerant and coils. If the central air conditioning unit must be replaced, the additional option limit covers only the coil and not any other component.

NOT COVERED: All other components of the central air conditioning (including heat pumps).

NOTE: For cooling or heating systems over ten (10) years old: If the repair is over $1,500 or parts are not available to repair the equipment, a $1,500 replacement allowance will be paid to you. Proof of purchase of a new heating or cooling system is required to be provided to the Administrator in the form of a purchase receipt within sixty (60) days.