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Protect Your New Home Purchase

Buying a new home can be overwhelming. Even worse, the stress doesn’t end after you finally find the perfect place. Many costs are associated with ownership and home buyers need to be aware of what lies ahead.

You’re about to purchase the home of your dreams, but what if your dream turns into a nightmare? What do you know about the condition of the mechanical and electrical systems and appliances? Even the best home inspector cannot determine with 100% confidence when or if a system or appliance will fail. And wear and tear and natural breakdowns are not covered by homeowners insurance; homeowners insurance generally covers only damage that directly results from natural disasters, theft or fire.  

That’s why you need a MyHome Protection home service contract. Our protection plans give you the peace of mind you need when anticipating and preparing for the unexpected. When a covered item fails, you simply submit a claim request, and we repair or replace the broken system or appliance. It’s that simple!

Our Various Coverage Options

Our home service contracts cover the failures and mechanical breakdowns of vital systems and appliances. Every policy covers the costs of parts, labor and taxes when a repair is needed, and we have different levels of coverage to suit everyone’s needs.

We offer three plans, so you’re sure to find the one that best meets your needs and budget. The Silver Plan is our most basic plan; the Gold Plan includes and adds to the coverage provided in the Silver Plan; and the Platinum Plan includes everything in the Silver and Gold plans plus additional coverages. As you might expect, increased coverage comes with increased prices. Carefully consider both the amount of coverage and the plan’s cost when deciding which one is best for you.

For a side-by-side comparison of the three plans, please click here.